Can I get a discount?

I periodicaly do "sales" on service during the slower seasons. I do not offer discounts on services for bulk orders. I have priced my labor in line with the other local bicycle shops in the area. I feel like my prices are fair and allow me to stay in business.

I have been in business for 7 years and plan on being in business for many more to come! With SwiftFix you get professional repair at your doorstep with a mechanic with over a dozen years of experience who isn't focused on upselling you a bicycle. My only goal is to get your bicycle in good running order.

Can I bring my bike to you?

If you live outside my service area and want repair work done, I offer pickup and drop off at my residence. For most customers, it is much easier for me to come to you than to schedule pickup and drop off times.

Can you help out with my (chairty, non profit, church, boy scouts, school) event?

I love to donate my time and talents to others. Please feel free to reach out with your ideas or what you need!

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